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May 19, 2021

Top 13 Beach Clubs in Puerto Vallarta that you cannot miss

Summer is almost here and the thought of spending days by the beach usually crosses everyone’s mind. If you like to sunbathe, dive into the pool or the ocean to later savor the flavors of the sea, and then return to your sunbathing session with a margarita in hand by just asking your waiter – all in one place – then beach clubs are for you. 

Are you up to welcoming summer days like this? Excellent! Here’s an alphabetical list of the most trendy beach clubs in Puerto Vallarta so you can pick your favorite.



Casitas Maraika

Its minimalist design and organic architecture evokes the boho-chic style that is so trendy nowadays. This spot is an invitation to coexist in harmony with the beautiful natural surroundings of Caballo Beach, in Las Animas. An exclusive place with haute cuisine, guest chefs, and national and international DJs to spice up the day and the evening.


Chicabal Sunset Club

This beach club was recently opened and their proposal to take you to “another world” is inspired by the latest trends of parties and beaches. From the opportunity of booking a yacht, to savoring urban cuisine and sunbathing are available in this spot located in the hotel zone.

El Dorado Restaurant & Beach Club

An excellent option if you’re planning a day dedicated to relaxation. The gorgeous view of Los Muertos Beach from this beach club perfectly frames your day by the beach, and when the sun sets it dresses up for the occasion with gourmet Mexican cuisine from every region in the country and exotic drinks to top it off.


El Solar Beach Club

Its location near the Malecon makes it very trendy and accessible. A favorite for locals and visitors alike, with a great drink menu, including the mezcal cocktails, and music setting the beat for the day – or the evening – by the beach, with the cadenced Puerto Vallarta lifestyle. Their gastronomic offer is vast, and you can have access to Barracuda, their sister restaurant.


Majahuitas Beach Club

This beach club is located in front of the coastal strip at Majahuitas Beach. Their gastronomic offer is a flavor fusion of the Mexican and Mediterranean coasts, that pairs perfectly with the stunning views from this hidden beach. Its exclusive atmosphere and days filled with the beats of renowned DJs makes it a favorite for both locals and visitors.

Mango’s Beach Club

Right in downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mangos Beach Club is a great option to spend a day by the beach with all the amenities. Whether sitting by the beach or at their restaurant, you can enjoy a great variety of dishes and drinks. Its family atmosphere is perfect to spend the day with the little ones. 


Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi 

This exclusive adults-only club has gained a lot of attention from the LGBT tourism due to its atmosphere surrounded by music and pool parties. The menu has a lot of sushi and gourmet options, and their events featuring live DJs make it the ideal place to enjoy the relaxed beach lifestyle that characterizes Puerto Vallarta.


Mixto Beach | Mixtic Beach Food~Drinks

Mixto Beach's design, with soft lines, neutral tones and natural materials, seems to blend with nature. Its healthy menu makes it a favorite amongst vegetarians, and their cocktail options include creative mixology. Located in Quimixto Beach, where you can admire a gorgeous view of the Pacific, whether relaxing on a beach bed or a beanbag chair.

PuntoMar Beach Club

You’ll find this beach club in Playa de Oro (Golden Beach), right next to the Maritime Terminal in Puerto Vallarta. The meeting point for locals and visitors, where you can enjoy a day by the beach with family or friends. Its atmosphere evokes relaxation and local flavors and seafood dishes top its cuisine: from traditional aguachiles and ceviches, to shrimp burgers. 

Sapphire Ocean Club

Located at the heart of Los Muertos Beach, Sapphire Club has a drinks menu and breakfast and lunch options. Dip in the refreshing pool with ocean view or delight your palate at their restaurant. Its sophisticated atmosphere and haute cuisine position it amongst the best Beach Clubs in Puerto Vallarta.

Swell Beach Bar

Amapas Beach, in the Romantic Zone, is the spot chosen for Swell Beach Bar, due to its enjoyable and laid-back atmosphere, where you can have a front-row seat to sunbathe and let yourself be pampered by their kind waiters. The casual menu with local dishes is complemented with their cocktail and cold beer selection to refresh your beach day.


Táu Beach Club

The exclusive Marina area welcomes you to spend a day of sun and beach at the new Táu Beach Club. This sophisticated beach club has an ample collection of services and amenities, such as personalized attention in the comfort of your Balinese bed, a seafood-specialty menu, and different happening every night.


Wikari Beach Club

The beautiful beaches of Quimixto are the natural scenario for this beach club, whose name honors the Wixarita, or Huichol, culture. Connecting with nature is inevitable in this spot, which offers local delights and refreshing cocktails whilst you dip in and out of the ocean. Interesting to know that this beach club also promotes the economical development in the area. 


How many others, like you, enjoy a day at a Beach Club? Let’s find out! Tag them on your pics using the hashtag #MyBeachClubPV and #RevivePuertoVallarta.


See you around!

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