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June 23, 2021

Ideas for the perfect Romantic Getaway in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is so much more than a beach destination, recognized as one of the most romantic in the world. It is a cosmopolitan city, a paradise by the Pacific with plenty of things to do and activities to enjoy with your significant other. Its unique location surrounded by lush jungle, mountains, rivers, and magical towns close by, makes it the perfect spot to enjoy, explore and navigate with your beloved one.

Here we share some ideas to make your getaway even more special. So, keep reading and start planning, the perfect romantic getaway is about to come true. 

  1. Preferably, stay at an adults-only hotel, these type of hotels are the ideal place, they are usually the spot most couples pick, so rest assured, romance will be in the air. Make the most of room service and surprise your special someone with breakfast in bed. The warm hospitality of the hotel staff will take care of every detail for you to spend an amazing and unforgettable time. So go ahead, order a special breakfast and enjoy the ocean view from the comfort of your bed. 
    Hotel in Puerto Vallarta
  1. Puerto Vallarta is a destination rich in history, culture, and traditions. Not only that, but it is also a place filled with amazing art galleries and street art, where new artists emerge all the time. Spend an evening visiting the art galleries along the Art Walk, have a glass of wine together whilst you admire art. Wander through the streets and admire the amazing murals by local artists, and make sure to take lots of pictures together.

    Art in Puerto Vallarta
  1. Rent a boat or private yacht and sail into the majestic Pacific Ocean. Spend the day at a remote beach only accessible by water, where you both can enjoy an intimate day with a refreshing drink in a hammock. Or sail through the beautiful Banderas Bay, and admire Puerto Vallarta’s famous and breathtaking sunsets.
    Puerto Vallarta Yacths
  1. Spend the day at a spa. Puerto Vallarta has the perfect collection of spas and wellness centers. So pick one where you’ll both get pampered with hydrotherapy, steam rooms, saunas, or enjoy a couples’ massage. In our directory, you’ll find a great variety of spas and wellness centers to book and enjoy a relaxing and romantic day together.
    Spa in Puerto Vallarta
  1. Puerto Vallarta is known as the second gastronomic capital in Mexico, where you and your loved one can savor delicious international and local delights in romantic hidden spots in charming streets or with spectacular oceanfront scenarios. Take a look at our restaurant directory to book more than one romantic dinner for just two during your getaway
    Puerto Vallarta Gastronomic
  1. Strolling through the Malecon at sundown is one of the most romantic scenarios you can find. You will have front-row seats to a stunning sunset, to fall in love once again. The Malecon is also the perfect spot for learning more about the town’s culture with its open-air gallery, Papantla Flyers, and Huichol art, as well as for having a romantic dinner with the sea as backdrop, and for going dancing once the sun sets.
    Puerto Vallarta
  1. Sometimes the most romantic experience can be simple things, such as having a picnic by the beach! There are plenty of heavenly beaches to choose from, if you’re up for a day for just two with treats to pamper each other, or if you’re more for being pampered, have a romantic laid back kind of day at one of the many beach clubs in town. Whichever is your favorite, you’ll surely find the perfect moment to see each other eyes and just enjoy the company of your beloved one.
    Picnic in Puerto Vallarta
  1. Romance will always be romance, but every couple enjoys different activities that can find romantic. Hike to hidden beaches and be in contact with nature, take an extreme adventure driving an ATV across the lush jungle and majestic mountains, spend a day or two at nearby town in the mountains, or go shopping in trendiest shopping centers or at local boutiques and artisan markets, you decide! 
    Puerto Vallarta mountains

Time flies when you’re with your loved one, so just enjoy all the activities you get to do whilst in paradise. We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with Puerto Vallarta, and will want to repeat it over and over!

Happy travels!

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