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August 20, 2019

In addition to its beaches, 5 attractions you must visit in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is a destination with spectacular beaches, dreamy sunsets and excellent attractions for all of its visitors to enjoy. Here we share with you some of them:

  1. Downtown

The most emblematic part of the city is Puerto Vallarta’sDowntown that keeps from its beginnings it´s typical architecture and charming cobbled streets. The Boardwalk Malecon is also part of this beautiful area, whose sculptures shape an open art gallery it´s a must to see. In addition, you will find excellent restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines, nightlife, artisan cafes and craft markets as well as designer stores.


  1. Botanical Garden

Besides enjoying Nature at its best, you will be able to admire the different collections of flowers and trees, and the exuberant jungle that surrounds the place and that offers a unique panorama. Enjoy the quietness of the place at its different terraces, and try some exquisite dishes made with fresh ingredients at its restaurant. If you are fond of tranquility, you must know this garden, which is among the top 10 in North America.


  1. Los Muertos Dock

Extends around 320 ft into the sea. It has a pier, and its lookout is an extraordinary spot to admire the sunsets and Banderas Bay. You will love its innovative sail shape.


  1. Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The great beauty of the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe lies in the combinations of different architecture styles, neoclassical and renaissance. Its walls enclose both history and art, images painted over wood, a marble altar and the majestic image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Besides, from December 1st till 12th, the Guadalupe Festivities take place in Puerto Vallarta, which are the most important traditional festivity in town that honors the Virgin of Guadalupe.

  1. Marina Vallarta

It is a bohemian and seductive place. Walking through the Paseo de la Marina avenue you’ll find the distinctive sculpture of the place: Vallarta’s Whale. If you wish to take a yacht ride, or practice sport fishing, you will find several options to do so. Look into one of its restaurants or bars, or simply look at the sailboats returning or at the yachts at the Malecon. By night, the lights illuminate the bay offering extraordinary views. Don't forget to take a picture of the lighthouse!


Now that you know, more about Puerto Vallarta don’t take any longer and start making Your Ideal Plan, with lots of fun activities and attractions for the entire family. We will wait for you! For more information click here.

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