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May 18, 2017

Discover Playa de Oro

Playa de Oro (Spanish for Golden Beach) is a stretch of beach located in the North Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta.  In fact, the beach gets its name from the former Playa de Oro Hotel, one of the first to be built in this zone.  Playa de Oro is located next to the access channel to the Puerto Vallarta Maritime Terminal basin. It is one of the certified beaches in the destination; it proudly bears the Blue Flag certification.

Playa de Oro is located approximately 6 kilometers (four miles) from Downtown Puerto Vallarta, which means a 15 minute drive.  It is easily accessible; it enjoys a pedestrian access down Avenida Las Aguilas, Avenida Las Garzas and finally Quetzal Street .

Discover Playa de Oro in Puerto Vallarta

At the end of the pedestrian access there is a quaint little arts and crafts market, where you can find souvenirs to take back home as well as beachwear.  On the water  in front of Playa de Oro there are often boats offering sightseeing  rides along the coast, as well as banana boat and parachute rides.  The sand strip offers plenty of space to sunbathe or enjoy beach sports, such as beach volleyball or beach soccer. Also, it is possible that while you are enjoying the beach you will happen to admire the arrival of a big cruise ship entering the port for a stopover.

If you choose to spend a day at the beach at Playa de Oro, remember to bring a good sun block lotion, water or soda to stay hydrated, and a beach towel and umbrella for greater comfort.

Discover Playa de Oro, a beach with tradition in Puerto Vallarta. Because of all the attractions that it offers, the souvenirs, beach activities and the opportunity to share a great time with friends and family, it is a beach you must visit while in Puerto Vallarta.

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