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October 28, 2021

​​Your bachelor/bachelorette party in Puerto Vallarta

If you’ve recently said Yes! to your beloved one, and will both be soon sealing your love story, here we share the best tips for an original and our of the ordinary bachelor and bachelorette party in a wonderful place such as Puerto Vallarta, with its stunning natural scenarios, land and water activities, and world-class service. And just because the end of a cycle deserves a celebration, we dare you to take a look at these incredible ideas to plan a very special party.

At sea with style

Altamar en Puerto Vallarta

Imagine saying goodbye to being single in the waters of the Pacific aboard a luxurious private yacht, just for you and your friends. First class on-board service serving snacks and drinks, stopping by gorgeous spots for a swim, or to scuba dive or snorkel discovering what the depths of the sea holds and the fascinating creatures that live there.

Non-stop party on-deck whilst admiring the beauty of Banderas Bay, or exploring the remote beaches of Majahuitas, Quimixto, Las Animas, or Los Arcos Marine Park. You name it.

Or, you can simply sail into the depths of the sea all day, with enough time to have fun, play games, dance, and take lots of snapshots. Tip: the yacht’s staff can be the perfect guide for creating an everlasting experience for everyone.

How about just admiring the sunset at sea? Check out the various tour operators that offer this service.

Extreme adventure

Aventura extrema Puerto Vallarta

Another option, if you’re into it, is to take an extreme tour in Puerto Vallarta. Ziplines, horseback riding, ATV and RZR tours, hiking, the experience will for sure be memorable, since the complicity created with your friends when testing your physical resistance will be remembered by all. Tip: print your own t-shirts with your name or a fun phrase, for all your crew. The resulting pics will be cherished forever.

If you’d like a special activity for your tour, make sure to contact your favorite tour operator, who will most likely give ideas you haven’t thought about. Wise to consider that every one of us has different physical resistances, so make the group as homogeneous as possible to spend an amazing adventure together.\


Party, party, party!

By day

Fiesta en Puerto Vallarta

If you want to party non-stop, organizing a day at a Beach Club where you can find the best atmosphere, live music, renowned DJs, surrounded by the beauty that Puerto Vallarta offers is an excellent way to say goodbye to being single. There are many options to choose from, and one thing is for sure: fun is guaranteed. You’ll spend a wonderful day by the beach along with your friends, with the best service and attention.

By night

Fiesta en la noche de Puerto Vallarta

If you’re looking to spend the evening at the trendiest spots in town, in Puerto Vallarta you have a wide array of restaurants and bars that’ll turn your bachelor/bachelorette party into a memorable night. You can start the evening by meeting with your friends at your favorite bar. Tip: many restaurants and bars have private areas; a great option to enjoy the night all together.


Moments of relaxation

Pijamada en Puerto Vallarta

A spa and massage session for you and your guests will allow them to relax before the awaited ceremony to bless your union, so you can let go of the tension that arises before this important event for everyone involved. We recommend a cabin session or a massage by the beach to experience complete relaxation.

Take some previous days to relax by the beach, and leave the rest in expert hands. A relaxing massage will do wonders to restore your energy and sense of wellbeing. You can combine it with beauty therapies, such as facials and immersive treatments. Tip for the bride: you can schedule a pre-makeup session for you and your bridesmaids. Tip for the groom: a relaxing massage session combining aromatherapy and different techniques will be perfect for your best man and friends to be ready for the big celebration. Make sure to check out our note on 3 reasons to choose Puerto Vallarta as your wellness destination.


Pajama party

Pijamada en Puerto Vallarta

If after so much adrenaline and excitement exploring Puerto Vallarta, you’re in for more of a laid-back kind of plan, then having a pajama party in your hotel room will be just perfect. You’ll have room service, and special amenities that you can previously arrange with your concierge. Tip: if there is something that Puerto Vallarta is famous for, is its warm hospitality, so rest assured that the hotel staff will happily help you out with all the details such as getting balloons, flowers, snacks, etc.

This idea is perfect for organizing games, watching movies, chatting or simply hanging out and having fun. Your hotel will take care of the rest. If you consider staying at an All-Inclusive, the drinks and food are included in the service, there are many hotel options to choose from.

We’re sure your bachelor and bachelorette parties will be absolute fun, it’s up to you to pick the best plan according to the number of guests, making sure everyone has a great time. Have you set the date yet? We’ll be expecting you!

Tip: we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this astounding destination, so here we leave more info on planning your dream wedding.

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